Call of Duty WWII’s zombies mode to debut at Comic Con

Sledgehammer’s take on the classic Call of Duty mode might be more serious than previous entries.

With San Diego Comic Con just over two weeks away, developer Sledgehammer Games is ready to tease a reveal for Call of Duty WWII’s zombies mode. Coming sometime during the first day of Comic Con, it seems WWII’s zombies might be slightly more serious than Infinity Ward’s campy zombies mode that came with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

By comparison, when Infinity Ward teased its zombies mode last year, they tweeted out a locked film reel case and teased the ’80s cinema inspiration.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.21.28 PM

Based on Sledgehammer’s promotional material, it seems the developer is going back to the mode’s roots with somewhat somber tone and less pop-culture pandering. When discussing the singleplayer and multiplayer portions of the game, Sledgehammer noted that it was important for the team to portray the era accurately in order to best represent the sacrifice men and women made during WWII, so they might have found the goofy humor of more recent entries inappropriate given the setting.

This isn’t the first time Sledgehammer has been a little more serious with the Call of Duty brand. Since E3, the franchise dipped its toes in controversy when Sledgehammer announced Nazi symbolism like the swastika would only be present in the game’s campaign and would be absent from the multiplayer and zombies components of the game. While some appreciated the careful consideration by the developer to bar players from representing such symbolism, others argued that the developer was straying too far from history.

For the full scoop on what Sledgehammer is doing with Call of Duty WWII’s zombies mode, keep an eye on Call of Duty’s Twitter. As San Diego Comic Con draws nearer, the series will likely give fans a better idea of when and how they can watch the zombies reveal.


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