Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds adding first-person only mode

One of the early access game’s most requested features is coming in the next monthly patch.

After launching in early access in late March, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has becoming increasingly more popular with higher concurrent player counts each weekend. The battle royale genre is known for high stakes and challenging gameplay, and PUBG is no different. Some of the most hardcore fans, however, have been begging developer Bluehole to raise the stakes even higher with first-person only servers.

Previously, Bluehole and Playerunknown himself have noted that the team is primarily focused on optimization, but early this morning, it was announced that the first-person only servers were coming in the next monthly update.

Due to some delays, Playerunknown also noted that the monthly update (normally due out the last week of the month) would be pushed into the first week of August as the team works away on game improvements.


The push for first-person only stems from members of the community making the argument that the toggle-able third-person perspective allowed players to peak around corners and over walls that they wouldn’t normally be able to see through in a first-person perspective. By having servers that only allow first-person, the game will feel a little more authentic and tactics some see as unfair simply won’t be available.

Those who play the game regularly will remember that the first person perspective is pretty tight and hard to handle compared to other first-person shooters. This is due primarily to a field-of-view that’s too narrow for comfort. Thankfully, field-of-view sliders will included in the next monthly update. While this might seem minute, it will be a quality of life improvement for those who are looking to partake in the new first-person servers.

Earlier this week, Playerunknown said the team is no longer looking to launch in October as previously announced. Instead, Bluehole will work on adding features and spend time optimizing. The game is still scheduled to be out of early access by the end of 2017. The game is also coming to Xbox One in “late 2017,” and will be optimized for Xbox One X when the console launches in early November.

Look for full patch notes for the first-person servers and more improvements to PUBG in the monthly update due out the first week in August.


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