TellTale could be about to announce new seasons of Batman and The Wolf Among Us

A ratings review board listing and a choice retweet on Twitter may hint at the game company’s next releases.

The San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is just days away, and that means that movies, TV shows, games and, of course, comics are especially prone to all sorts of leaks. Today, developer TellTale hinted at its next projects debuting at this year’s SDCC.


With a massive portfolio of games and franchises, it’s easy to take a stab at what TellTale might be up to. TellTale just kicked off season 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode earlier this month, it’s halfway through the current season of Guardians of the Galaxy and just wrapped up Walking Dead: A New Frontier back in May. The studio stays extremely busy, but rather than guess, there’s a few hints that might point us at what the team might unveil this weekend.

First, after TellTale sent the above tweet, Adam Harrington, voice actor for Bigby Wolf in The Wolf Among Us, retweeted the developer’s SDCC tease.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.35.03 PM

Harrington isn’t especially active on Twitter’s gaming scene, so for him to retweet TellTale could be a strong indication that he’s involved in a new project. Season 2 for the Wolf Among Us is something fans have been asking for since the first season debuted back in 2013, so it’s entirely possible the developer is finally making a sequel. TellTale is also known for tapping the voice actors from one of its games and having them do work for a different franchise. For example, David Fennoy, the voice actor behind Lee in TellTale’s Walking Dead has been in numerous TellTale games from Batman to Minecraft. It’s possible that TellTale is having Adam Harrington play another character outside The Wolf Among Us.


A second leak, spotted first on NeoGAF, is for a new season of TellTale’s Batman series, which ended its first season last fall. According to the New Zealand Film & Video Labelling Body, the new season is called Batman: The Enemy Within. TellTale did a ton of promotional work surrounding the release of its first season of Batman at SDCC 2016, so this year’s Con could be the perfect place for the developer to announce the new season.

Whether there’s a new season of The Wolf Among Us, Batman or both, we’re just a few short days away from TellTale’s next games. For up-to-date news from the developer, keep an eye on Twitter.

What franchise do you want to see make a return? Are you excited for more franchise, or are you fatigued by TellTale’s frequent releases? Feel free to share your comments below or on Twitter.


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