Titanfall 2 to add horde mode next week

Respawn is bringing back a revamped four-player co-op mode called Frontier Defense.

The next free update coming to Titanfall 2 is dropping on July 25, 2017. The latest patch will include tons of content for free including a new competitive multiplayer map called “Township” for Live Fire mode, a remastered “Rise” map for all multiplayer modes and the return of Frontier Defense with tons of new improvements.

The real meat of the update is Frontier Defense, which is a four-player co-op mode where  you’ll protect your harvester from five waves of enemies that get tougher and more numerous as time goes on. In-game cash is earned and between Frontier Defense rounds, you can spend them to fortify your position and upgrade your gear. The mode will feature similar difficult tiers to what’s in campaign with Easy, Regular, Hard and Master difficulties. The harder the mode, the bigger reward you’ll get for surviving.

There is also new upgrades coming to Titans that will be exclusive (for now) to Frontier Defense that will make surviving a little easier. Although Titanfall 2 has a ton of maps at this point, five maps will be playable in Frontier Defense at launch: Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise, Blackwater Canal. The team is internally testing additional maps to support the mode later on.

A look at the new Live Fire mode, “Township” | Respawn Entertainment

In addition to Frontier Defense, two new maps are coming to Titanfall 2’s competitive scene. Township is exclusive to the 6v6 round-based, no respawn “Live Fire” mode, and is based on the modular home design that was used in the early campaign levels. The other map, Rise, is a remastered version from the original game. The map will play exactly the same as it did in Titanfall, but it’ll have a slightly shinier coat of paint this time around.

The only paid portion of this update comes in the form of new purchasable “Elite Warpaints” for guns and Titans. The new cosmetics will cost real-world money and will give you a unique look. The skins also offer a “chance for double XP just for you and a merit boost for you and your team.” Take a look below at just one of the new skins coming in next week’s patch. For a complete look at the Elite Warpaints, visit Respawn’s Titanfall 2 blog.

G2A5 “MASTERWORK” | Respawn Entertainment

Lastly, the new update can be enjoyed by anyone interested – not just those who already own Titanfall 2. From July 28-30, 2017, players on Xbox One, PS4 and PC can partake in a free trial of Titanfall 2. The trial includes a story mission and the full suite of multiplayer content currently available.

For the rundown of the next update coming to Titanfall 2, head over to Respawn’s blog.


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