DOOM’s 6.66 update makes DLC free, revamps progression and offers sweet deals

Whether you’re new to the reboot or someone who’s been playing since the 2016 launch, Bethesda’s latest DOOM patch is nothing but good news.

Earlier this month, users on Xbox One, PS4 and PC were confused by the delisting of DOOM’s multiplayer-centric season pass. Bethesda made the reasoning clear by announcing all three previously paid DLCs would be free starting today as part of DOOM’s 6.66 update.

Along with the free DLC, the game will also be reworking the previously controversial multiplayer unlock system. Before update 6.66, multiplayer unlocks for weapons and cosmetics were random, meaning unlocking a specific helmet or armor piece could be painful. Now, all unlocks have specific requirements that make grinding towards the next rune, demon or weapon a lot more predictable. Bethesda did note that veteran players would have ranks reset back down to zero, but they’d be given the option to start over with the new loot system or keep everything they’ve unlocked through the older, random progression system. The team hopes that revamping the multiplayer portion of the game and making DLC free will bolster player count and make the whole multiplayer experience a lot less frustrating.

In the past, DOOM’s multiplayer relied on the “Hack Module System,” which were consumables that temporarily boosted players that eventually expired. Now, the Rune System from the campaign will be implemented to multiplayer, and they’ll offer persistent player perks and won’t ever expire. The Runes are tied to a player loadout just like perks in other competitive multiplayer shooters.


Bethesda noted that another big improvement to the multiplayer is a redesigned user interface that simplifies what’s going on on-screen during matches and makes navigation in lobbies more manageable. The UI changes were designed to make understanding weapon, rune and demon characteristics a lot easier for players.

The publisher also wants players who have put off DOOM to reconsider. Starting the weekend of July 20, 2017 on Xbox One and PC and the weekend of July 27, 2017 on PS4, players can download a free trial of DOOM and have access to the first two levels of DOOM’s campaign plus unlimited access to multiplayer and the game’s custom level creator, SnapMap. Bethesda says all progress made during free weekends will carry over to the full version of the game. The complete version of DOOM will also be discounted to $14.99 U.S. / £11.99 U.K / $17.99 AUS.

All of the above features go live today across all platforms as part of DOOM’s 6.66 update.


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