TellTale outlines future games ahead of SDCC panel

Three of TellTale’s biggest franchises will return before the end of 2018.

After rumors and leaks on Monday, TellTale has confirmed that it’s working on new seasons of Batman, The Wolf Among Us and a final season for The Walking Dead. The return of The Wolf Among Us has some surprised as just yesterday TellTale’s Job Stauffer told Eurogamer, “Should we ever continue in the world of Fables and The Wolf Among Us… it is generally agreed upon here that we wouldn’t continue that storyline directly, and would leave things an open mystery that’s better left unanswered.”

The next TellTale season starts on Aug. 8, 2017 with Batman: The Enemy Within. Details around the season are a little sparse, but The Riddler and Joker will be Batman’s primary adversaries in The Enemy Within. The season will feature five episodes and will launch on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Mac. iOS and Android versions of Batman will be available later this year. It seems Nintendo Switch owners still don’t have confirmed support.

TellTale’s The Walking Dead is coming in 2018, and it will be the developer’s final season with the franchise. After a long wait and a somewhat flat delivery of Walking Dead season 3, it’s nice to see the studio returning to the perspective of Clementine as the series’ lead. Planning the end of the TellTale franchise this soon after season 3 concluded must mean the studio has a clear direction for the final story arch. Interestingly enough, consoles, PC, Mac and mobile platforms are confirmed, but TellTale’s press release noted ambiguously “additional platforms are still being considered.”

After debuting in 2013, season 2 of The Wolf Among Us is finally launching sometime in 2018. TellTale isn’t saying much about the plot just yet other than that it’s kicking off in the next year and that fans should expect the story to be a direct continuation of the cliffhanger left by the first season.

In addition to the on-going Guardians of the Galaxy season, the developer is likely to show additional news about the new seasons coming to their franchises at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, so keep an eye on TellTale’s Twitter.


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