Xbox’s Games With Gold – August 2017

Xbox is offering solid titles this August for Gold subscribers.

As summer begins to sunset, Xbox’s Games With Gold program makes a strong return to form after a modest July offering. In August, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can look forward to a goofy indie, a tough-as-nails platformer and one of Platinum’s most iconic games of all time, plus Red Faction:Armageddon is an average shooter that came out towards the end of THQ’s life cycle.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Both Xbox 360 games will be fully playable on Xbox One via the backwards compatibility program. If you’ve yet to download June’s free games, be sure to pick them up before they’re gone.

What do you think of the August Games With Gold? Don’t forget there’s still time to grab July’s Games with Gold before they’re gone forever. Which games have you the most excited? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter!


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