Titanfall developer creating new IP with Oculus

Respawn Entertainment is keeping busy with a new VR project built with Oculus.

As part of Oculus’ Connect 4 keynote today, Titanfall creator Respawn Entertainment announced one of its new projects would be a VR “war” game made in partnership with Oculus. The unnamed IP will be Respawn’s first foray into virtual reality gaming.

“At Respawn, it’s about creating an authentic experience,” Respawn CEO Vince Zampella said. “The combat in VR really gives you the chance to experience something closer to what a soldier might experience in real combat. It gives you more of that feeling of paranoia and tension. It’s more visceral, it’s more terrifying.”

Clearly immersion is at the heart of Respawn and Oculus’ new IP, but little else is known about Respawn’s new game. Based on the way Zampella juxtaposes the new IP’s scope against the way Titanfall plays, it’s safe to say the VR experience won’t be part of the Titanfall universe.

Last year, Respawn announced it would be continuing its relationship with Electronic Arts on an unnamed Star Wars project. Since it announced in way back in May 2016, Respawn has yet to even show a screenshot or trailer for its Star Wars project.

With continued Titanfall 2 support throughout the rest of 2017, a new Oculus IP out in 2019 and a Star Wars game somewhere in the mix, it seems Respawn is one of the busiest studios around.


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