EA addresses some feedback following Battlefront II beta

EA and DICE are looking at making changes to Battlefront II multiplayer after mixed beta feedback.

As I wrote in Beta Tested earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront II’s beta was a mixed bag. Core gameplay was fun, and the return of class-based combat addressed many of my criticisms from DICE’s first Battlefront. Still, the beta featured Loot Crate-based progression and no squad dynamics for those playing with friends. Just 24 hours after the beta officially ended, EA released a short blog post thanking fans and acknowledging feedback.

While there are a myriad of possible changes, developer DICE is looking at buffs for the Flametrooper, a nerf for the Specialist class’ Infilitration ability as well as a reevaluation of how groups of players can stay together and the Crate system. While gameplay adjustments for Flametroopers and Specialists are probably worth counting on, it’s important to remember DICE is saying the team is looking at adjusting Loot Crates and playing with friends – that doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be any changes.


EA says the Crate system, which could explain their scummy beta implementation. In an attempt to clarify, EA said, “There are many things you can earn in the game, including weapons, attachments, credits, Star Cards, Emotes, Outfits and Victory Poses.” It’s unclear if they mean players can earn these things through in-game achievements (e.g. getting a certain number of kills/completing enough objectives to warrant an upgrade) or if they mean all of those things are in Crates players unlock via RNG. In last week’s beta, there weren’t any in-game achievement unlocks; everything was based on what you pulled from Crates. EA did, however, note that DICE is “working towards” making the best weapons in the game based on in-game achievements.

EA reiterated that crates can be earned by completing challenges and gameplay milestones, but they also noted that Crates can be purchased with in-game currency or Credits – EA/DICE’s premium currency. The publisher’s clarification really just reaffirmed that Crates are central to Battlefront II’s multiplayer progression – something many complained about last week.


One thing EA addressed that seems reassuring is that the tiers of Star Cards that players unlock in Crates can only be used if players are of a certain rank. So, if a player had a Gold or Legendary tier Star Card, he/she couldn’t use it until they reached the appropriate rank. While this stops the worst case scenario of pay-to-win mechanics from becoming a reality, players willing to drop $100s on Crates will still have a wider variety of weapons and abilities at their disposal.

Another surprising addition to EA’s blog post was the possibility of DICE creating a multiplayer mode where all players have the same Star Cards with flattened values. EA was quick to point out that, if implemented, this mode would exist next to the current Star Card system; not replace it.


If you’re interested in the full notes, check out EA’s blog update. What do you think of the publisher’s comments? Is it enough to make you more confident in Battlefront II’s progression system, or are you still skeptical of the game’s Loot Crates? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter.


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