Xbox adds Call of Duty WWII to One X enhanced list

Without much fanfare, Xbox confirms this year’s Call of Duty title will have Xbox One X enhancements.

Since Gamescom in August, Xbox has maintained a long-running list on its website of every game that will have enhanced graphics on the upcoming Xbox One X console. Over the last couple months, the company has routinely added games to the list, and now more than 150 games will be enhanced in one way or another on the One X.

Because of marketing deals with Xbox’s competitor, PlayStation, Call of Duty enhancements were never explicitly stated. That was until yesterday when another handful of games were added to Xbox’s list, including Call of Duty WWII.

Unlike other titles on the list, Call of Duty WWII doesn’t have any specific details on what enhancements are coming to the Xbox One X version of the game. While that could again be because of Call of Duty publisher Activision’s partnership with Sony, we still have some ideas of what sort of enhancements are coming to WWII thanks to a game listing on Amazon Germany where they display this box:

Box_Amazon.DE.jpgAs expected the enhanced version of the game will support high-dynamic range (HDR). The box also suggest that WWII is 4K Ultra HD, but it’s unclear if that’s native 4K or some sort of checkerboard rendering that many publishers have used on the PS4 Pro. High-dynamic range support is also coming to the Xbox One S version of the game.

While we probably won’t hear what specific enhancements are coming to Call of Duty WWII from Xbox or Activision before launch, the two might be more specific once the game is out in the wild.

Call of Duty WWII is out November 3, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will also feature enhanced visuals on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.


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