Nintendo Switch prepares for big release week

Three AAA titles and a number of indies make November 10-17 a huge week for Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch has seen a steady stream of indie games hitting the eShop for months, but AAA third-party releases have still been a little sparse. That trend is set to end with one of Switch’s biggest releases weeks of all time kicking off this Friday.

Despite being announced for the Switch just a few weeks ago, Bethesda’s DOOM is likely to make a huge wave when it hits Switch on Nov. 10, 2017. It might not be the technical marvel it was on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but DOOM on a portable console is nothing short of impressive. Surprisingly, Bethesda is also debuting Skyrim just one week later on the 17th. Yes, one of the biggest third party developers supporting Switch is releasing two of it’s games in just one week. Yikes!


AAA releases don’t stop there; however, with L.A. Noire making its debut on the platform on Nov. 14, 2017. It won’t have the same visual enhancements as its Xbox One and PS4 equivalents, and it’s $10 more, but L.A. Noire on Switch still looks promising thanks to some platform exclusive features like touchscreen support and gyroscopic controls.

In addition to AAA games, there is a score of high profile indie games coming to the platform in the next week. Coming on the 10th is Snipperclips Plus, a new expansion for an indie game that debuted with the console last spring. Since its just an expansion to the base game, those who already own the game can simply buy the Plus upgrade, and new owners can buy the complete experience in one package.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.08.29 AM.png

Then, on the 14th, the indie releases on eShop really take off. First, we see the complete first season of TellTale’s Batman, which is TellTale’s second effort on the Switch. Rocket League is also set to come out on Tuesday, and it’ll come loaded with Nintendo exclusive cosmetic unlocks and will support cross-platform play with Steam and Xbox One players. Additionally, RiME is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch on the 14th after some lengthy delays.

With a number of anticipated games hitting the platform next week, it’s an exciting time for Switch owners. While games like DOOM and Skyrim will undoubtedly see success in the next few weeks, some of the indie releases may have to compete for attention. If you’re looking to pick up several new releases, you might want to take a look at your console’s hard drive space. Many bigger releases, like L.A. Noire, will require users to have MicroSD loaded into the console to even play the game.

What games do you plan on picking up? Anything you plan on skipping? Share your take in the comments below or on Twitter.


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