Takeaways from the Star Wars Battlefront II AMA

Battlefront II developer DICE took to Reddit this afternoon to interact with fans. Here’s what you need to know.

After announcing they’d lower the credits needed to unlock iconic Heroes and Villains for Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer mode, the developers partook in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) this afternoon. While many of the comments are vague corporate PR speech, there are some new details fans can look forward to.

The three DICE employees that participated were Executive Producer John Wasilczyk, Associate Design Director Dennis Brannvall, and Producer Paul Keslin. The major sentiment the three conveyed during the AMA was that DICE was listening to feedback, and that the team is already at work on progression and loot box concerns that have attracted the most controversy.


While no dates were concrete, DICE did say one of the first things they’re doing is increasing the credits players receive from each match. Currently, the game gives players a credit bonus at the end of the match that’s equal to 20 percent of the score they earned in the match. Dennis Brannvall said raising the credit payout would be “quick,” but he did say some of the bigger progression changes would require more time.

Loot Crates in Battlefront II are the most controversial addition to the game’s multiplayer portion, and according to the three DICE employees in the AMA, the team is looking to make some changes. They implied that the team would need time to look at ways to improve progression, and they wanted to clarify how the team designed matchmaking to avoid “pay-to-win” mechanics. In Battlefront II, players are put on teams based on an algorithm that takes into account the player’s level, the number of Star Cards they own and players skill. According to DICE, using the algorithm, players who spend a lot of money on their characters would have a low probability of being matched with players who only play a couple times a week and don’t spend money on Loot Crates. DICE’s clarification is reassuring, it’s also implies the Star Card system isn’t going anywhere.

Another place of controversy over the last week is a daily credit limit of 500 in Arcade mode. According to Paul Keslin, this was originally put in place to prevent players from exploiting the offline mode and farming credits. It doesn’t sound like the team is prepared to raise or remove that limit anytime soon, but Keslin said the team was going to “… look to find ways to expand on the options to earn Credits offline” sometime in the future.

DICE didn’t have any sort of timeline prepared, but the team confirmed they were looking to add cosmetics and customization in the future. Brannvall said the team is full of ideas for new customization items, and that he was hoping the team would work in items from the Clone Era.


Galactic Conquest mode is one thing that was often requested since Battlefront II was announced, but it didn’t make it into the game. Brannvall said he is also a fan of the classic mode, but if it were to return, the team would have to expand on some of Pandemic’s ideas so Galactic Conquest was “… large enough and deep enough to belong in a Star Wars game in 2017.”

Closing out the Ask Me Anything several hours later, Dennis Brannvall was forward about how the team is processing the internet’s reaction and what they plan to do going forward, saying:

“The goal with this AMA from our perspective is to give you a look at where we are in digesting the feedback we’ve gotten over the past week.

We were incredibly saddened by the negative response from you, the community on Reddit about the game. In-fact, we hated it, we truly did, because we want to make a game that you love. We’ve made a really cool, fun and beautiful game but it was overshadowed by issues with the progression system. We will fix this.”

If you’d like to check out the full thing, head on over to the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit. What do you think of DICE’s Ask Me Anything? Was there enough details to make you optimistic, or are you still avoiding Battlefront II? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.