EA announces Battlefront II credit rebalance ahead of Last Jedi Season

More than two weeks later, EA and DICE have made the first changes to Star Wars Battlefront II’s economy.

It’s nothing new that Star Wars Battlefront II is surrounded by controversy. The progression system is largely loot crate based, Star Cards often seem unbalanced and iconic characters can take hours to unlock. After a long silence, EA has announced a new update rolling out on December 4 is aiming to take the first steps in improving the experience. The full statement can be read on EA’s Battlefront II blog, but here’s a gist of the changes:

  • End of round credit payouts have been increased across the board
    • Top-performing players can expect even larger payouts
  • Arcade mode will now reward players with up to 1,500 credits a day instead of the original 500 credit cap
  • Daily log-in crates will contain more scrap that can be used to improving Star Card stats

The changes will help those who felt like earning credits in Battlefront II was too slow, but the progression system that many have complained about seems to be intact. If EA is increasing the scrap players are earning, Star Card-related buffs are definitely in Battlefront II for the long haul.

Of course, all of the changes are meant to help bring some players back for Star Wars Battlefront II’s first major event, The Last Jedi Season. In the coming weeks, new maps from Last Jedi will be added to multiplayer and Finn and Captain Phasma will be added to the multiplayer roster (they’ll have to be bought with credits). To kick off the event, players will be asked to either join the First Order or the Resistance. Whichever team racks up the most wins will receive a special crate at the end of the season. Here’s the full Last Jedi Season calendar, courtesy of EA.


Additionally, the Last Jedi Season will add a new chapter to Star Wars Battlefront II’s singleplayer campaign. The new mission takes place before the events of the main campaign, and players will once again play as Iden Versio in the early days of First Order. The singleplayer content will be available for free to all players on December 13.

What do you think of the credit economy rebalance and the upcoming Last Jedi Season? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter.


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