Superhot: Mind Control Delete announced

More of “the most innovative shooters in years” is coming in 2018.

In a surprise announcement, a standalone installment of Superhot called Mind Control Delete is in development, and existing Superhot owners will be able to play it for free. As described by the developer, Mind Control Delete takes the linear gameplay of the original game and adds rogue-like twists to the experience.

The developer says Mind Control Delete might not be completed for another year, but PC players can enjoy the experience starting on December 7, in the form of early access. The basic gist of the standalone expansion is that players will progress through increasingly more difficult stages and inch closer to understanding the meta story that fans of Superhot are familiar with.

Those opting into the early access build will be able to check out new levels and gameplay modifiers that will be in the full experience. Mind Control Delete also features new AI and animation systems to make gameplay feel more responsive. Still, the developer warns the early access version won’t have any of the expansion’s story – it seems they’ll be holding onto new narrative elements until the game leaves early access in “9 to 12 months”.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be coming to all platforms in 2018, and will be available through Steam Early Access tomorrow.


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