Sea of Thieves to host a closed beta January 24-29

Insiders and pre-order holders can check out Microsoft and Rare’s open-world pirate adventure later this month.

At long last, Rare is ready to launch Sea of Thieves on March 20, 2018, but first, the developer wants to hold a closed beta period this month from January 24-29.

According to Rare, the Sea of Thieves closed beta is designed to give players a “true taste” of the game, but not every aspect of the full game will be available in the beta. What Rare is holding back until the full release is unclear, but it could be anything from special enemy encounters to the various progression systems that were announced last month.

Anyone who joined Sea of Thieves Insider Programme before Dec. 1, 2017 will have automatic entry into the closed beta. Those who missed that window will have to pre-order Sea of Thieves to guarantee access to the beta. Additionally, users on Xbox One will need to have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, and those playing on Windows 10 will need an Xbox Live account (no Gold required).

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the closed beta is Rare’s willingness to drop the NDA that prevented Insiders from talking about the game previously. Now, closed beta participants can record videos, snap screenshots or simply share stories with each other online. As a game that’s heavy on emergent, player-driven activities, the removal of the NDA is an great note going into the beta.

Sea of Thieves’ closed beta is running from Jan. 24-29 for Insiders and pre-order holders. The full experience will be available when the game launches on March 20 this year.


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