EA details Anthem, Battlefield 2018 release

During its January 30 earnings call, Electronic Arts talked about two of the biggest games on its horizon: Anthem and the next Battlefield installment.

Electronic Arts had a lot to say during its earning call yesterday, but Bioware and DICE’s games drew the most attention. According to Electronic Arts, the next Battlefield, currently referred to as Battlefield 2018, will launch in October 2018. While that’s good news for fans of the franchise, EA went on to explain that Bioware’s new IP, Anthem, is no longer aiming for a fall 2018 release and instead will hit shelves sometime in spring 2019.

“It’s not a delay,” EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen insists. Instead, Jorgensen suggests the new release window is simply to give Anthem plenty of room to breathe after DICE’s goliath shooter franchise hits shelves.

While some might laugh at Jorgensen’s insistence on the press not calling Anthem’s new release date a delay, giving DICE’s games room to breathe this fall shows the publisher is learning. Back in the fall of 2016, EA launched Titanfall 2 just one week after Battlefield 1, and as a result, Titanfall 2 “underperformed significantly”.

While EA is planning on Battlefield 2018 being a hit, consumers know next to nothing about the next installment. Those hoping for an official name or even a setting confirmation from EA or DICE will have to keep waiting. DICE will likely keep quiet about their game until the EA Play in June, numerous rumors have pointed to a World War II setting, though some have claimed DICE may return to the Bad Company franchise.

The next Battlefield installment will hit shelves in October 2018 and Anthem will release sometime next spring. For more details on EA’s big franchises, keep an eye out for the EA Play event this June.


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