Deck13 announces The Surge 2

The Surge 2 will dismember its way to console and PC in 2019.

When it launched last spring, The Surge was developer Deck13’s second swing at the brutal hardcore action-RPG formula. Heavily influenced by From Software, The Surge mixed punishing difficulty and an industrial dystopian setting for a unique take on the Dark Souls formula.

In the sequel, Deck13 says it will continue to refine its limb-targeting combat and deep progression systems while also greatly expanding the scope of the game. Now free from the original game’s industrial park setting, The Surge 2 will take place in a massive dilapidated metropolis. Deck13 says this is possible because of upgrades to their engine that will allow for more ambitious level design this time around.

While the developer wasn’t keen on sharing intricate details on what’s being tweaked, they say The Surge 2 will also offer an improved and expanded limb-targeting system along with more arsenal customization that will allow players to vary their play style to their liking.

First details around The Surge 2 will be revealed over the next couple days at publisher Focus Home Interactive’s annual “Le What’s Next de Focus” event in Paris.

The Surge 2 is launching on PC and consoles sometime next year.


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