The Evil Within 2’s latest update adds first-person mode

The Evil Within 2’s haunting atmosphere can now be played entirely in first person.

Back when it launched last October, The Evil Within 2 was praised for its open-world designs, creepy atmosphere and terrifying enemies. Now, the whole game can be explored up-close and personal with a new first-person perspective mode as a free update rolling out today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The addition of the new point of view comes following numerous requests from fans. To activate the mode, publisher Bethesda says players simply need to flip a switch in the menu to swap back and forth between the perspectives.

Several hours into The Evil Within 2, there’s a brief section of the game where protagonist Sebastian has to put on a gasmask to traverse the sewers. To limit player perception and make things claustrophobic, developer Tango Gameworks used a forced first-person perspective. The already-tight field-of-view was made even more suffocating, and it made the sewers a stand-out moment.

According to The Evil Within 2’s producer, Shinsaku Ohara, the mode was added after PC players found a way to exploit the perspective that was added for the game’s sewer portion.

Some savvy users figured out a way to activate this mode outside of its intended area, and the reaction to it was pretty positive,” Ohara said. “So we said, ‘What the heck. Let’s put it in as a bonus for all platforms.’ A lot of players like playing horror games in first-person, so for those who want to see some of the game’s situations through Sebastian’s eyes, it’s a really neat experience.”

Those looking to revisit The Evil Within 2 and walk the streets of Union in first-person can do so starting today with the free update. The game will also be on sale this weekend for 50 percent off on Steam, the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace.

Are you interested in checking out The Evil Within 2 in first-person? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter.


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