Direct Twitter upload in testing on Xbox One

Unceremoniously, Alpha Insiders on Xbox One can start directly uploading screenshots and game clips to Twitter.

After years of Xbox One users having to share OneDrive links, Mike Ybarra, the Corporate Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, posted on Twitter that direct-to-Twitter uploads were finally coming to Xbox One.

While the feature isn’t available to all Xbox users yet, those who are Alpha Insiders can now share screenshots straight from their console to a linked Twitter account. It works just like before, but instead of having Twitter users click a link to OneDrive that displayed the screenshot, the file is natively uploaded to Twitter.

Both screenshots and videos are currently supported, and some testing this morning shows the compression on the files is pretty typical for Twitter uploads.

This feature has been missing from the Xbox One since it capturing gameplay and screenshots debuted on the platform, and users have been pushing Microsoft to add direct uploads for years.

On Twitter, search #XboxShare to see photos Alpha Insiders have been sharing. The hashtag isn’t a requirement when posting the images, but it’s added by default to the Tweet unless the user deletes it.

There isn’t an exact date all users will get access to this feature, but so long major bugs don’t arise, direct-to-Twitter uploads should go live to everyone in the coming weeks.


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